Energy usage is a significant factor for UK manufacturing companies. Actually, some regard it as being a business-critical issue which has a substantial effect on viability and endurance. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that many manufacturing companies take action to minimise their electricity usage.

Boost processes – there’s scope for process enhancement in several UK manufacturing companies, i.e., altering processes to reduce energy use without affecting the quality or consistency of merchandise.
Install variable speed drives in engines – that can reduce running costs, especially in pumps and fans.
Maintain boilers – that includes becoming boilers frequently serviced, in addition to ensuring boilers and supply methods are properly insulated. British Gas have some good guidance on this matter.
Maintain motors – that keeps them operating efficiently, which can be essential for operational factors. Additionally, things such as belt lubrication and stiffness levels have an influence on the total amount of energy utilised.
Enhance the efficiency of furnaces – furnaces need enormous amounts of electricity. To decrease this to a minimum, be sure to track the functioning of your furnace to find out if it functions at exactly the exact same amount as the others in your business. Normal maintenance also helps, as does creating improvements in how it’s used (i.e., return, how it’s unloaded, scheduling, etc.).
Switch gear off when not in use – that includes motors, lighting, procedure utilities (such as compressed air), computers, heating system, and much more. If that’s the case, you can save seven percent of their energy that the compressed air system utilizes. But, you could also conserve energy on your buildings, as an instance, your offices. You can achieve it by things such as decreasing the temperature by one level, changing lightbulbs, and utilising hibernation attributes on printers, computers, notebooks, scanners, and photocopiers.
Maintain pipes units – refrigeration is just another area of manufacturing which utilises a good deal of energy. It is possible to cut it by ensuring door seals are in good shape, and by maintaining pipes condensers clean.
Utilise energy efficient lighting – you can accomplish it throughout the installation of skylights, inviting employees to start the blinds during the day, using timers which automatically switch off lights, and using motion detectors that maintain lights off until motion is detected and overall using LED for your lights instead of traditional lighting. We used Commercial Electrical Contractors in Nottingham for our factory and found them very reasonable. How would that affect your company, and do you save enough cash on off-peak company gas and power costs to warrant the shift?

The energy decreasing suggestions on this listing add up, and may represent a substantial cumulative saving on your electricity bills.

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